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Breakfast just the way you like it

A good start in Salzburg’s mountains begins with a hearty breakfast in your apartment. You can order it already during your booking or after you have arrived here. We charge a uniform price per person for breakfast. All packed and prepared, your breakfast will await you on your doorstep from 7.15 a.m.

Quite delicious

Holidays in Salzburg’s mountains are precious. This is why you should begin every single day full of energy. How convenient that we will provide a breakfast basket every morning, packed with love, on the doorstep of your apartment. Filled with delicacies that you have chosen yourself on the day before. From savoury bacon to homemade jams from the region to cereals with oat milk if you’d like a vegetarian or vegan option.


With a wide selection of specialitie, we will ensure that every day of your holidays starts with your favourite tastes. For example, with bacon, cold cuts, ham, cheese (also vegan), combined with freshly baked rolls, wholemeal bread, brown bread or lye dough. Also, with freshly cut fruits and vegetables. There will also be croissants that taste delicious with our homemade jams. Moreover, fruits, cereals and plenty of drinks. From filter and pad coffee to apple and orange juice to herbal tea.